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Pub. Id: A110 (1982)

First Page: 5

Last Page: 18

Book Title: M 34: Studies in Continental Margin Geology

Article/Chapter: Tectonics and Sedimentation of the South Atlantic Rift Sequence: Cabinda, Angola: Rifted Margins: Field Investigations of Margin Structure and Stratigraphy

Subject Group: Geologic History and Areal Geology

Spec. Pub. Type: Memoir

Pub. Year: 1982

Author(s): Suzan E. Brice, Michael D. Cochran, Georges Pardo, Alan D. Edwards


Mesozoic rifting of the South Atlantic produced a succession of five distinct tectonic regimes: Prerift, Synrift (I and II), Postrift, and Regional Subsidence. These tectonic episodes are recognized in the sedimentary section of Cabinda, Angola. Each has a characteristic structural style and stratigraphy and is bounded by a major unconformity. The total sequence reaches a maximum cumulative thickness of about 12,000 m and ranges in age from Jurassic to Holocene.

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