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Pub. Id: A110 (1982)

First Page: 223

Last Page: 251

Book Title: M 34: Studies in Continental Margin Geology

Article/Chapter: Seismic Stratigraphy of the Georges Bank Basin Complex, Offshore New England: Rifted Margins: Field Investigations of Margin Structure and Stratigraphy

Subject Group: Geologic History and Areal Geology

Spec. Pub. Type: Memoir

Pub. Year: 1982

Author(s): J. S. Schlee, J. Fritsch


A regional synthesis of 3,350 km of multichannel seismic-reflection profiles over the Georges Bank area reveals that subsidence concentrated in several areally restricted rift basins of Early Jurassic age and older. Beneath the northwestern half of Georges Bank area, these small sub-basins form narrow grabens within a structurally shallow platform (4 km deep). Beneath the southern half of Georges Bank and Nantucket Shoal area are three deep sub-basins containing more than 10 km of sediments. The sedimentary fill is divided into six seismic units that reveal a change from an older, thick sequence of rift-filling (synrift) continental and evaporitic deposits (0 to 8 km thick) of Late Triassic to Early Jurassic age, to younger, more widespread open-marine shelf seque ces of carbonate and clastic sedimentary rocks of Jurassic and younger ages.

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