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Pub. Id: A122 (1977)

First Page: 4

Last Page: 5

Book Title: CN 5: Geology of Continental Margins

Article/Chapter: Petroleum Potential Off Gabon

Subject Group: Geologic History and Areal Geology

Spec. Pub. Type: Course Notes

Pub. Year: 1977

Author(s): J. R. Delteil, et al.


The sedimentary evolution and petroleum potential of the Gabon Coastal Basin are closely tied with plate tectonics. Two kinds of

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objectives associated with the two main phases can interest the petroleum geologists:

(1) The proto-oceanic rift - some detrital deposits in the rift have a great extension as the "gres de base" and the GAMBA Formation, while Lucina and Dentale formations have only a local extension. All of them can constitute good reservoir beds. Source rocks are proved to be in situ. They have to be located in the organic rich levels of the same formations. Traps are associated with extensional tectonics of the rift. They are situated on the fringes of old moles and horts.

(2) Evolution and embankment of the Continental Margin of the growing ocean. Salt deposit occurred at the end of the rift phase and/or the very beginning of the oceanic opening. Structural features of the overlying series are conditioned mainly by salt tectonics.

The progradation of the continental edge is done by a succession of overlapping lenses. The BATANGA, ANGUILLE and Tertiary formations are supposed to be deep sea fans. These hydrocarbon bearing formations have been fed by surrounding marine shale source rocks.

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