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Pub. Id: A122 (1977)

First Page: 7

Last Page: 7

Book Title: CN 5: Geology of Continental Margins

Article/Chapter: Continental Margin - U. S. Gulf Coast

Subject Group: Geologic History and Areal Geology

Spec. Pub. Type: Course Notes

Pub. Year: 1977

Author(s): J. Lamar Worzel


Multichannel sections across U. S. Gulf Coast Continental Margins show structure and sedimentary layers to much greater depths than most previously published data. A section across the Perdido Escarpment, three to four sections across the Sigsbee Scarp and two sections across the Florida scarp will be used to show some of these differences. The various hypotheses about the formation of these scarps will be discussed in the light of these new data, as well as the structure of the associated continental slopes and shelves. The deep Gulf of Mexico Basin sections which bear on these areas will also be presented. Significant sedimentary accumulations occur both above and below these scarps, so that the Gulf Coast hydrocarbon province may well extend out into the deep Gulf Basi .

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