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Memoir 106: Petroleum Systems of the Tethyan Region, 2014
Pages 143-178

Chapter 5: Egypt’s Future Petroleum Resources: A Revised Look into the 21st Century

John C. Previous HitDolsonTop, Mahmoud Atta, David Blanchard, Adel Sehim, Jennifer Villinski, Tom Loutit, Karen Romine


Egypt has a statistical yet-to-find in excess of 37 BBOE (218 TCF). At least 12 major tectonostratigraphic events control a multitude of trapping styles and petroleum systems. Source rocks span Paleozoic through Miocene ages, and reservoirs are productive from Basement to Pleistocene. Future significant conventional resource additions will largely come from either semi-isolated basins in Upper Egypt or the Red Sea, or from deeper pools in the Western Desert and Nile Delta. Substantial unconventional resources may come primarily from the Abu Roash Formation in the Abu Gharadig Basin, and perhaps the Gulf of Suez Thebes and Brown Limestones.

In this paper, we explore the geological setting of these new plays with an emphasis on the deeper petroleum systems and insights from new regional mapping, geochemical, and seismic data.

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