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Claudio Bartolini, Richard T. Buffler, and Abedlardo Cant250_u.jpg (467 bytes)-Chapa, Pages iv - xii
AAPG Memoir 75: The Western Gulf of Mexico Basin: Tectonics, Sedimentary Basins, and Petroleum Systems, Edited by Claudio Bartolini, Richard T. Buffler, and Abelardo Cant
250_u.jpg (467 bytes)-Chapa
Copyright copyrght.jpg (4253 bytes)2001 by The American Association of Petroleum Geologists. All rights reserved.

The Western Gulf of
Mexico Basin
Tectonics, Sedimentary Basins,

and Petroleum Systems

Edited by
Claudio Bartolini
Richard T. Buffler
Abelardo Cant-Chapa


The editors are grateful to the following individuals who provided constructive and critical reviews of the manuscripts and whose invaluable suggestions improved considerably the content and quality of this volume: Albert Bally, Luis S225_a.jpg (470 bytes)nchez Barreda, Peter A. Bentham, Jon Blickwede, Burke Burkart, Richard Chuchla, Carlos Dengo, Tom Dignes, Samuel Eguiluz, Paul Enos, Katherine Giles, Robert Goldhammer, Gary Gray, Jan Hardenbol, Neil Hurley, Chris Johnson, G. Randy Keller, Christopher Lehmann, Nancy McMillan, Ryszard Myczynski, Harold Lang, Robert C. Laudon, Timothy F. Lawton, Jose F. Longoria, Alejandro Morelos, Bryan O’Neill, James Pindell, Gary Prost, Joshua Rosenfeld, Robert Scott, Richard Sedlock, Nimio Tristan, William Ward, Javier Meneses-Rocha, James Lee Wilson, and Zvi Sofer.

We are indebted to Jon Blickwede, Gary Prost, Joshua Rosenfeld, and Harold Lang for their detailed and valuable reviews of the content and English language of Mexican manuscripts.

We acknowledge Petr243_o.jpg (458 bytes)leos Mexicanos (PEMEX) and the Instituto Mexicano del Petr243_o.jpg (458 bytes)leo (IMP) for permitting their geoscientists to publish their research studies in this volume. We also thank the Instituto Polit233_e.jpg (471 bytes)cnico Nacional and the Instituto de Geolog237_i.jpg (445 bytes)a of UNAM (Universidad Nacional Auton243_o.jpg (458 bytes)ma de M233_e.jpg (471 bytes)xico) for their contributions. We are grateful to AAPG for the opportunity to present to the geologic community the most recent advances on the geology of the western Gulf of Mexico region.

The editors and authors are grateful to Sharon Mason and Rowena Mills of the AAPG Publications Department for maintaining quality control of the book.

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