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AAPG Memoir 76, Chapter 3: The Primary Controls over Sediment Compaction , by Phil Holbrook, Pages 21 - 32
AAPG Memoir 76: Pressure Regimes in Sedimentary Basins and Their Prediction, Edited by Alan Huffman and Glenn Bowers
Copyright © 2001 by The American Association of Petroleum Geologists. All rights reserved.

Chapter 3
The Primary Controls over Sediment Compaction

Phil Holbrook
Forced Balanced Petrophysics
Houston, Texas


Mineralogic composition is the primary control over sediment compaction. Near-surface sediments and sedimentary rocks compact in proportion to the Previous HiteffectiveNext Hit stress load applied to the grain matrix framework. The load borne by the grain framework is a volumetric force-balance relationship within and between solid particles. Mineral ionic bonds bear the load within particles and across direct grain-grain contacts. Electrostatic repulsive forces between negatively charged clay mineral particles also bears a part of the Previous HiteffectiveTop stress load.

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