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Pub. Id: A087 (1981)

First Page: 93

Last Page: 111

Book Title: CN 18: Offshore Geologic Hazards

Article/Chapter: Otc 3482 Submarine Mudslide Morphology and Development Mechanisms, Mississippi Delta: Appendix 5-3

Subject Group: Oil--Methodology and Concepts

Spec. Pub. Type: Course Notes

Pub. Year: 1981

Author(s): D. B. Prior, J. N. Suhayda


Continued data acquisition from the Mississippi delta-front slopes has allowed more detailed evaluation of mudslide morphology. Subsidence source bowl geometry appears consistent with a retrogression model, suggesting that they enlarge and develop upslope by a process of strain remodling following initial failure. Transport chutes have characteristics that suggest plug flow, and this is evaluated using a model developed for subaerial debris flows. Undrained loading in the downslope depositional zones provides a mechanism to explain lobe progradation. A development sequence for mudslide evolution and elongation is outlined, consisting of three major stages: initial failure, retrogression and progradation, and loading and downslope propagation. The main implications for off hore engineering are that design criteria should acknowledge the site-specific characteristics of mudslides.

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