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AAPG Methods in Exploration No. 13, Chapter 3: Petrophysics-based Previous HitResolutionNext Hit Matching for Induction Logs, by J. Xiao, D. Beard, B. Corley, and I. M. Geldmacher, Pages 27 - 38
AAPG Methods in Exploration No. 13: Geological Applications of Well Logs, Edited by M. Lovell and N. Parkinson
Copyright © 2002 by The American Association of Petroleum Geologists. All rights reserved.

Chapter 3
Petrophysics-based Previous HitResolutionNext Hit Matching for Induction Logs

J. Xiao
D. Beard
B. Corley
I. M. Geldmacher
Baker Atlas
Houston, Texas, U.S.A.


The physics of induction well-logging measurements controls the fundamental vertical Previous HitresolutionNext Hit of a well log. Logs with great depth of investigation have coarser vertical Previous HitresolutionNext Hit than the logs of smaller depth of investigation where measured by the same physical principles. For log-interpretation purposes, however, it is often convenient to have all logs at the same vertical Previous HitresolutionNext Hit. The Previous HitresolutionNext Hit matching technique essentially extracts high-Previous HitresolutionNext Hit variations from a high-Previous HitresolutionNext Hit curve and imposes them onto the low-Previous HitresolutionNext Hit curve, to enhance the lower-Previous HitresolutionNext Hit curve to the same Previous HitresolutionTop.

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