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Pub. Id: A154 (1974)

First Page: 1

Last Page: 4

Book Title: M 23: Plate Tectonics--Assessments and Reassessments

Article/Chapter: Plate Tectonics: Assessments and Reassessments--Introduction

Subject Group: Structure, Tectonics, Paleostructure

Spec. Pub. Type: Memoir

Pub. Year: 1974

Author(s): Charles F. Kahle (2)


Data from field geology, structural geology, stratigraphy, paleontology, geophysics, and oceanography are brought to bear on the problems of plate tectonics. Many data favor the concept, whereas many do not. A definitive work on the correctness, or incorrectness, of the plate-tectonics concept has yet to be written because present data are insufficient to make a final assessment.

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