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Chapter from: SG 40:  Paleogeography, Paleoclimate, and Source Rocks
Edited By 
Previous HitAlainNext Hit-Yves Huc

Previous HitAlainNext Hit-Yves Huc and Nahum Schneidermann

Geochemistry, Generation, Migration

Published 1995 as part of Studies in Geology 40
Copyright © 1995 The American Association of Petroleum Geologists.   All Rights Reserved.


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Paleogeography, Paleoclimate, and

Source Rocks


Mobil Exploration & Producing
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About the Editor


Previous HitAlainNext Hit-Yves Huc is currently Head of the Organic Geochemistry group at the Institut Français du Pétrole (also known as IFP, or French Petroleum Institute).

Dr. Huc was educated at the University of Nancy (France) and received his Ph.D. in Organic Geochemistry from the University of Strasbourg (France) in 1978. He spent a year and a half as a postdoctoral fellow at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (Woods Hole, Massachusetts) and two years as a CNRS researcher at the Applied Geology Department of the University of Orléans (France). Following that, he joined IFP.

Dr. Huc spent three years on research devoted to the chemical structure of asphaltenes in crude oils. For the next six years, his research interest focused on the study of the sedimentology of organic matter and its application to oil exploration. During the past three years, his main scientific concern has been reservoir geochemistry.





I am most grateful to the many individuals who have helped to make this volume possible. In particular, I thank the contributing authors; the reviewers (E. Barron, M. M. Blanc-Valleron, J. Calvert, J. Connan, J. Curiale, H. Cook, T. Cross, W. Dean, J. Dercourt, K. Emeis, A. Fleet, H. Ganz, D. Hollander, J. Golonka, J.-P. Herbin, G. Isaksen, B. Katz, K. Kelts, J. Kriest, M. Mello, P. A. Meyers, M. Moldowan, G. Moore, M. Pasley, J. Rullkotter, M. Stefani, N. Telnaes, F. van Buchem, W. Visser); C. Williams, former AAPG Publications Manager, for guiding us in the volume elaboration; M. F. Bellenoux for secretarial assistance; and M. Maguet for designing the pictorial project on the cover.
Previous HitAlainTop-Yves Huc




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