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Chapter from: SG 42:  Applications of 3-D Seismic Data to Exploration and Production

Edited by: 
Paul Weimer and Thomas L. David

Christopher S. Mansfield

Published 1996 as part of Studies in Geology 42
Copyright © 1996 The American Association of Petroleum Geologists.  All Rights Reserved.

*Editorial Note: Page numbers in this digital version (HTML and PDF) do not correspond to those of the hardcopy.
Otherwise, the two are the same.

Mansfield, C. S., Previous HitFaultNext Hit displacement distributions: insights using high-resolution 3-D seismic data, in P. Weimer and T. L. Davis, eds., AAPG Studies in Geology No. 42 and SEG Geophysical Developments Series No. 5, AAPG/SEG, Tulsa, p. 231-236.

Chapter 26: Previous HitFaultNext Hit Displacement Distributions: Insights Using High-Resolution 3-D Seismic Data

Christopher S. Mansfield*



Detailed mapping of the distribution of vertical displacement (throw) over the Previous HitplanesNext Hit of a number of growth faults in the Gulf of Mexico has revealed anomalous patterns that are characterized by subhorizontal minima. The subhorizontal arrangement of the anomalies is inconsistent with models of Previous HitfaultNext Hit growth that require uniform slip distributions in conjunction with radial tip-line propagation at each slip event. An alternative model is presented whereby evolution of a Previous HitfaultNext Hit is established by linkage between precursor Previous HitfaultNext Hit segments in the slip direction. Overlap and linkage of Previous HitfaultNext Hit tips in the slip direction result in relay structures that are subparallel to Previous HitfaultNext Hit strike and therefore subhorizontal on normal faults. Relay structures orthogonal to the slip direction are likely to have a low preservation potential and will be poorly resolved on cross-sectional seismic profiles. However, their associated low displacements leave a strong signature in the Previous HitfaultTop displacement fields.

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