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AAPG Studies in Geology No. 48 / SEG Geophysical References Series No. 11, Front Matter: ACKNOWLEDGMENTS / ABOUT THE EDITORS / TABLE OF CONTENTS / FOREWORD / Previous HitINTRODUCTIONTop, by Dietmar Schumacher and Leonard A. LeSchack, Pages iv - xvii
AAPG Studies in Geology No. 48/SEG Geophysical References Series No. 11: Surface Exploration Case Histories: Applications of Geochemistry, Magnetics, and Remote Sensing, Edited by Dietmar Schumacher and Leonard A. LeSchack
Copyright © 2002 by The American Association of Petroleum Geologists and the Society of Exploration Geophysicists. All rights reserved.

Surface Exploration Case Histories
Applications of Geochemistry, Magnetics, and Remote Sensing

Edited by
Dietmar Schumacher and Leonard A. LeSchack


This volume is the result of a tremendous investment of time and effort volunteered by many people, most importantly our authors. Without their contribution and the support of their employers, there would be no publication.

We also thank the members of AAPG's Geophysical Integration Committee and its SEG counterpart, the Interpretation Committee, for their support and encouragement during this project.

We sincerely appreciate the assistance given by the following individuals, who generously provided critical reviews of the manuscripts published in this volume:

Michael Abrams Leonard LeSchack
John Berry Gary Meyers
Mark Beeunas Pat Millegan
Alton Brown Jack Moody
Robert Clark Peter Nederlof
Joel Cline Jon Pershouse
Mike Crawford Gary Rice
Rebecca Dodge David Richers
Doug Elmore Rusty Riese
Brooks Elwood Brooks Rountree
Guy Flanagan Donald Saunders
S. Parker Gay Dietmar Schumacher
Peter Groth Desh Sikka
Blaine Hartman Robert Sweeney
Daniel Hitzman James Tucker
Jere Jay Kate Weissenburger
Dale Leckie Richard Wyman

The conscientious and painstaking reviews of the manuscripts by these colleagues have greatly improved the scientific content and value of this volume.

Last but not least, we wish to thank the editorial and production staff of the AAPG, particularly Rowena Mills and Anne Thomas.

Dietmar Schumacher
Leonard A. LeSchack

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