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Tulsa Geological Society


Tulsa Geological Society Digest
Vol. 25 (1957), Pages 96-96

The Importance of the Structural Interpretation of Previous HitSeismicNext Hit Previous HitDataNext Hit

R. A. Weingartner


At a time when complicated structural concepts appear to be the rule rather than the exception, too little effort is being spent on the study of stratigraphic and structural possibilities offered by the Previous HitseismicNext Hit cross section Previous HitdataNext Hit, and too little effort is spent by the geologist in making use of the Previous HitdataNext Hit. Steps to increase the effort envisage (1) development of qualified personnel for structural and stratigraphic interpretation with responsibilities limited to the cross section and map making; (2) construction of Previous HitseismicNext Hit cross sections and Previous HitdisplayNext Hit of Previous HitseismicNext Hit map Previous HitdataNext Hit in the most useable form for all geologists; (3) a program to encourage the use of Previous HitseismicNext Hit file Previous HitdataNext Hit and the insistence by the geophysicist that the geologist make use of the Previous HitdataNext Hit on a constant and routine basis.

Illustrations are provided to show the inadequacy of our present effort and the need for cross sections and Previous HitseismicTop maps on a scale and in terms understandable by geological personnel of limited experience.

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