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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Tulsa Geological Society


Tulsa Geological Society Digest
Vol. 27 (1959), Pages 113-123

Sycamore and Related Formations of Southern Oklahoma

Phillip A. Chenoweth, Jordan C. Braun, Steve C. Champlin, Jeff D. Prestridge


The Sycamore formation of the southern Arbuckle Mountains and the Ardmore basin is divisible into three distinct stratigraphic units, in ascending order the Welden formation, the Pre-Sycamore formation, and the Sycamore limestone. The Welden formation, generally less than 10 feet thick, is identical to the Welden limestone and the Pre-Welden shale of the Lawrence uplift; it is Kinderhookian in age, resting discomformably on the Woodford (Devonian) shale. The Pre-Sycamore comprises up to 300 feet of glauconitic cherty limestone and fucoidal shale. It is probably Osagean. The Sycamore limestone reaches a maximum thickness of 300 feet in the center of the Ardmore basin. It is a dense, tough silty to sandy limestone grading vertically and laterally into the silty calcareous shale of the Ahloso member of the Caney shale. It is Meramecian in age.

The Welden formation is best developed in the area of the Arbuckle Mountains and the Ardmore basin. In the Lawrence uplift and in the Seminole area the unit extends beyond the limit of the Pre-Sycamore. The Pre-Sycamore is restricted to the Arbuckle Mountains and the area to the south and west. Post-Osagean erosion has stripped off all of the Pre-Sycamore and most of the Welden from the region to the north and east. The Sycamore limestone overlaps the truncated edges of the Welden and Pre-Sycamore so that in the southeastern Anadarko basin the Sycamore rests disconformably on the Woodford. Elsewhere, the Sycamore limestone has changed facies to the Ahloso shales which lie on Welden or on Woodford.

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