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Tulsa Geological Society


Tulsa Geological Society Digest
Vol. 27 (1959), Pages 81-81

Recent Expeditions to the Antarctic: Abstract

Daniel Linehan1


During the International Geophysical Year, the Antarctic has been visited and studied by a dozen or more nations. Bases were established and field parties put out from these bases to operate various geophysical surveys. Other studies were made at the Base Station.

Father Linehan accompanied three of the Expeditions conducted by the United States Navy, and performed geophysical experiments in various parts of the Antarctic Continent. For his work, Father has been awarded the Distinguished Public Service Award, the highest award that the United States can grant a civilian.

The lecture presented by Father Linehan is in part a travelogue of many parts of the Continent. He describes the locations of the various United States Bases, demonstrates the erection of the buildings, the use of icebreakers, airplanes, tractors, and the other modes of travel in Antarctica. The topography, geography, climatology, glaciology and fauna of the South Polar regions are also demonstrated.

The lecture is illustrated by Kodachromes taken by Father Linehan; these have been judged by some to be the best color shots ever taken of the Antarctic. These pictures bring out both the grimness and beauty of that strange Continent. The difficulties of living and working in such a rugged climate are well explained in this lecture.


Acknowledgments and Associated Footnotes

1 Director, Weston Observatory, Boston College, Weston, Massachusetts

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