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Tulsa Geological Society


Tulsa Geological Society Digest
Vol. 30 (1962), Pages 150-150

Activity of the Kansas Geological Survey: Abstract

Frank C. Foley1


The State Geological Survey of Kansas, a Division of The University of Kansas, is located on the University campus in Lawrence. The present survey, established by the Legislature in 1889, has been operating continuously since 1895. There are nine operating Divisions with a total personnel of about 65. The largest Division is the Ground-Water Resources Division which operates in cooperation with the U.S. Geological Survey and has a field office in Garden City, Kansas where work is being concentrated on water for irrigation. The Oil and Gas Division is a major one dealing directly with the petroleum industry. It compiles the authoritative annual report on the petroleum industry, maintains thousands of top cards and about 125,000 drillers logs are available to the industry for study. The Oil and Gas Division also operates the Wichita Wells Sample Library where about 60,000 boxes of oil well are on file and are loaned for study. The Division operates a field office in Pittsburg, Kansas. Work of other Divisions, especially the Stratigraphy, Areal Geology, and Paleontology, is of vital interest to the petroleum industry. Stratigraphic and structural studies are continually in progress and much has already been published.


Acknowledgments and Associated Footnotes

1 State Geologist and Director of the State Geological Survey, Kansas

October 16, 1961

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