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Tulsa Geological Society


Tulsa Geological Society Digest
Vol. 32 (1964), Pages 168-168

A Study of the Aldrich and Arnold Oil Producing Trends of Northwestern Ness County, Kansas: Abstract

Alfred James III1


This report covers an area in west central Kansas of 252 square miles from which cumulative production in mid 1963 totalled over seven million barrels of oil. There are at present over 120 producing oil wells in twelve pools. During 1962 and 1963 there has been considerable interest and activity in the area flanking the Central Kansas Uplift to the west, and this report gives a detailed look at a portion of this area which has been producing for over three decades.

Principal production is from Mississippian dolomites of the lower Meramec Stage on structural closure, with minor oil production from basal Pennsylvanian limestones. Maps presented include structure contours on Cretaceous, Permian, Pennsylvanian, and Mississippian datums, as well as two isopach maps; all are contoured on ten foot intervals for easy comparison. An electric log cross section is included.

Emphasis is on the maps and cross section, but also discussed are reservoir character, reserves, lithology, development history, probable ages of structural growth and oil migration, and exploration methods.


Acknowledgments and Associated Footnotes

1 Walters Drlg. Co., Wichita

January 6, 1964

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