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Tulsa Geological Society


Tulsa Geological Society Digest
Vol. 38 (1970-1971), Pages 25-26

Buffalo Wallow Field: Abstract

Herschel S. Carver1


Buffalo Wallow is located on the south flank of the western Anadarko basin, 15 miles southeast of the town of Canadian in Hemphill, Texas. Buffalo Wallow is considered one of three major ultra-deep Hunton discoveries in the Western Anadarko Basin in the last 5 years. Shallow structural interpretation intrigued oil finders with the anomalous condition of the area for years, yet it remained for Phillips to complete the No. 1 Carwile, (the Gageby Creek discovery well for 320 MMCFG/D from the Hunton with 123' of effective pay) to spur the search for similar deep production. Seismic work, utilizing the new stacking method was undertaken by many companies in the area; and, apparently several mapped approximately the same fault structure. This conclusion is drawn by the rush of companies to get a piece of the action. And, subsequently, the Union-No. 1 Bradstreet was commenced in July of 1966, projected as a 20,000' Hunton test. While the Union-Bradstreet was drilling, Phillips Petroleum Co. made their second major Hunton discovery, the Washita Creek Field, approximately 10 miles east, and completed for 265 MMCFG/D in November of 1966. Following the Phillips-Bowers Washita Creek discovery, the Union-Bradstreet was completed as the discovery well for Buffalo Wallow in the Hunton for 73 MMCFG/D, September 14, 1967, as the third major Hunton discovery found in a span of 4 years in an area of less than 200 square miles. Certainly, the success of the Hunton is all too apparent now when, within three short years, the Buffalo Wallow Field has 13 completed wells, 3 dry holes, and 2 wells in process of drilling, with a proven reserve of almost one trillion CFG.


Acknowledgments and Associated Footnotes

1 Jake Hamon Company, Amarillo, Texas

November 23, 1970

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