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2003 Midcontinent Section Meeting (Tulsa) Papers and Abstracts, 2003

Using Industry Applications Software for Analyzing Data to High Grade Acquisition and Drilling Prospects: Abstract

Mike Cherry1


Recent years have seen remarkable technological advances in industry applications software that is capable of analyzing large corporate and/or industry databases to enable geoscientists and engineers the capability of high grading and screening acquisition and drilling prospects. Using industry applications software, geoscientists and engineers can sort through large datasets to sort/compile information in order to quickly make generalizations and gain knowledge and background information on a play or trend. This presentation will provide many methods for analyzing data in order to high grade acquisitions, identify field development opportunities, identify areas within a basin that have significant multiple pay zone potential, set up regional or basin-type databases for quick look determinations for auction or acquisition screening and evaluations, and to focus in on hot areas of activity. This presentation will also demonstrate methods of how to use industry software applications and industry data to identify areas of permeability and bypassed productive pay zones that either a geoscientist or engineer could use to quickly sort data and generate acquisition and drilling prospect leads.


Acknowledgments and Associated Footnotes

1 CEC Energy Consultants, The Woodlands, TX

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