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2003 Midcontinent Section Meeting (Tulsa) Papers and Abstracts, 2003

Intellectual Property Rights for New Technologies in the Practice of Environmental Geoscience: Abstract

Wendy Buskop1


The themes to be addressed are patents and environmental geoscience technology, particularly systems and other methods.

The scope of patent law in the United States has changed. Manufacturers are filing provisional utility applications now more than ever in order to position new technology apart from old technology in what is an already crowded field. With the competition being steep, manufacturers are trying to differentiate their technology in a way that is simply more than "new and improved" without going into the red with legal fees.

Provisional utility patents, regular apparatus utility patents for business methods, new technologies and other devices will be discussed. Attendees will learn how to identify patentable technology that goes beyond just a device. Attendees will also learn how to identify all of the following: (1) a new manufacturing method patent, (2) a new business method patent, (3) a product made in a new and special way by a certain process, and (4) instruments which are entitled to patent protection. Strategies on how to spend only $20,000, yet get five patents on file with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and gain the application rights in over 100 countries for free, will also be discussed.

Attendees will have a better grasp on how the patent process works in the United States, will learn strategies on how to protect their technology both here and abroad, and will understand the underlying importance of protecting emerging technology.


Acknowledgments and Associated Footnotes

1 Buskop Law Group, P.C., Houston, TX

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