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Utah Geological Association


Henry Mountains Symposium, 1980
Pages 15-24

Gilbert, on Laccoliths and Intrusive Structures

Chas. B. Hunt


G. K. Gilbert’s report on the Henry Mountains is classic for its contribution to knowledge of igneous structures, especially laccoliths, for its contributions to the understanding of certain geomorphic processes, and as an example of excellent technique in geologic reporting and writing. Present day Ph.D. candidates, and many of their faculty supervisors, as well as other geologists, would do well to adopt Gilbert’s technique.

His accomplishments are especially impressive when viewed in the perspective of the hazards accompanying his fieldwork and the status of geologic knowledge at the time he did his work. His conclusions, seemingly elementary today, were received with skepticism by many of his comtemporaries, and were not fully accepted for about a quarter of a century. Modern surveys have confirmed his principal conclusions.

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