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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Utah Geological Association


Henry Mountains Symposium, 1980
Pages 171-176

Debris Avalanche Deposits North of Mount Ellen

Andrew E. Godfrey


The hummocky and boulder-strewn surfaces of four debris avalanche deposits stand in marked contrast to the smooth surfaces of the pediment-capping gravels that are dominant in the area. These four avalanche deposits average over ninety million cubic yards in volume, traveled an average of three and a half miles horizontally and fell an average of over 2,800 ft. That these deposits were transported as rapidly-moving avalanches was inferred by comparing their characteristics with thirteen criteria proposed by Mudge (1965). An Early Pleistocene age is suggested for the deposits by their stratigraphic relationships with the gravels capping pediments, which are in turn correlated with glacial outwash along the Fremont River.

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