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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Utah Geological Association


Henry Mountains Symposium, 1980
Pages 209-215

Vegetation and Sediment Migration in the Henry Mountains Region, Utah

Benjamin L. Everitt


In the desert region adjacent to the Henry Mountains, there are several plant species adapted to survival in unstable habitats characterized by migrating sediment. The erosion, transportation, and deposition of sediment may be by either wind or water, and each situation has its characteristic suites of plants. Drift sand vegetation varies profoundly from site to site, depending primarily upon local rates of sediment migration, and depth of the unstable layer. Some of the longer-lived species, such as oak and tamarisk, form complex systems within the flow of sediment, in which feedback loops operate between the maturing vegetation and the geomorphic development of the site. The study of such plants and their habitats provides clues to local geomorphic process and history.

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