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Utah Geological Association


Cenozoic Geology of Western Utah: Sites for Precious Metal and Hydrocarbon Accumulations, 1987
Pages 31-58

Western Utah Climatography

Dale J. Stevens, R. Clayton Brough


Western Utah’s Previous HitweatherNext Hit and climate is much more than what most people perceive it to be. Although the data base is relatively low, a sufficient record exists to make some definite conclusions about the atmospheric conditions here. Previous HitWeatherNext Hit summaries that have not been previously published were used in compiling some of the important statistics. These summaries were derived from daily Previous HitweatherNext Hit data that includes all years available on magnetic tape through 1986. The climatic variability found here is the result of several controlling factors such as the dominant westerly air movement, the inland position which results in high ranges of both temperature and precipitation, and the orographic effects of numerous mountain ranges that complicate the meteorological processes. Although the region is often perceived to be a barren desert, only about one-third of the total area is technically a true desert. The high altitudinal range and the latitudinal limits account for at least four distinct climatic divisions. Within each of the climatic regions, Previous HitweatherNext Hit phenomena occur that are typical in counterpart areas of the earth. They include thunderstorms, blizzards, snowstorms, whirlwinds, tornadoes, water spouts and gusty winds. The fact that a sparse population resides in the area helps to account for public apathy regarding Previous HitweatherTop and climate here.

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