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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Utah Geological Association


Energy and Mineral Resources of Utah, 1991
Pages 125-134

Assessment and Development of Saline Resources of Sevier Lake, Millard County, Utah

J. Wallace Gwynn


Beginning in 1978, a multi-phase, saline-resource assessment program of Sevier (dry) Lake, Millard County, Utah, was started by the Crystal Peak Minerals Corporation. This program included the collection and multi-parameter analysis of brine and sediment samples, determining brine-salt phase chemical relationships, conducting a gravity survey, characterizing climatological parameters, and determining local hydrological conditions. Encouraged by the findings of the assessment program, Crystal Peak Minerals moved into a resource-development phase. This work has included the construction of dikes to isolate and protect a 3000-acre solar evaporation ponding complex, and the excavation of a north-trending brine-collection canal. Roads, load-out facilities, and an operations center have been constructed, and salt floors have been laid down in the evaporation ponds. Work has started on a salt-processing plant and associated facilities. While only sodium chloride will be produced initially, future plans include the production of potassium sulfate and other potentially economic saline products.

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