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Utah Geological Association


Geology of East-Central Utah, 1991
Pages 255-264

Wasatch Plateau Oil and Gas Fields, Carbon, Emery, and Sanpete Counties, Utah

Carol N. Tripp


The fields of Clear Creek, Joes Valley, Flat Canyon, Indian Creek, and East Mountain lie within the Wasatch Plateau of central Utah. This physiographic province creates a challenging physical and geological environment for exploration and drilling, due to the combination of high elevations, extremely rugged terrain, complex structural relationships, and stratigraphic entrapment.

Gas is produced from structural and stratigraphic traps within the Cretaceous Ferron Sandstone Member of the Mancos Shale and the Cretaceous Dakota Group (terminology from Young, 1973). Complex faulting of the closed anticlinal structures appears to enhance reservoir characteristics.

As of December 1990, cumulative production at Clear Creek field was 114.4 BCF of gas and 3858 bbls of water from the Ferron Sandstone. There are currently 12 active wells. Joes Valley field has produced approximately 3.0 BCF from the Ferron and Dakota. The two Joes Valley wells were plugged and abandoned in 1976. The three wells in the Flat Canyon field were plugged and abandoned in 1969 after producing 1.4 BCF from the Ferron and Dakota. Ferron cumulative production at the new fields of Indian Creek and East Mountain is 3972 bbls of oil, 2.5 BCF, and 1833 bbls of water from six wells.

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