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Utah Geological Association


Geology of East-Central Utah, 1991
Pages 335-342

Factors Contributing to Exsolving Carbon Dioxide in Ground Water Systems in the Colorado Plateau, Utah

Alan L. Mayo, Daniel B. Shrum, Thomas C. Chidsey Jr.


Three carbon dioxide exsolving ground-water systems in the Colorado Plateau, Utah, have been investigated by solute and isotopic methods. Exsolving CO2(g) in Woodside and Crystal Terrace “geysers” is attributed to the high temperature thermal decomposition of carbonate minerals. Carbon dioxide and nitrogen gases tested from the Tanner 1–27 wildcat well are attributed to moderate temperature thermal decomposition of organic matter. δ2H and δ18O data suggest that the ground waters have a meteoric origin and that maximum aquifer temperatures are approx.gif (834 bytes) 100 °C.

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