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Utah Geological Association


Geology of East-Central Utah, 1991
Pages 55-64

Analysis of Bedding Orientations Within a Portion of the Ferron Sandstone Near Emery Utah

Dennis L. Nielson, Susan J. Lutz, Jeffrey B. Hulen, Paul B. Anderson


The orientations of laminae, bed boundaries and unit boundaries have been measured within three units in the Ferron Sandstone Member of the Mancos Shale in outcrops near Emery, Utah. These measurements simulate the bedding orientation data that would be collected by borehole imaging logs. Data are presented for the #4 and #5 marine sandstones and the system of fluvial and distributary channels that separate the marine units. Azimuth orientations for individual units show wide distributions that reflect current directions during deposition. Dip angles follow a lognormal distribution with the variance of the distribution correlating with the energy level of the depositional environment.

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