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Proceedings of the First International Conference on the New Basement Tectonics, 1974
Pages 354-368

Chapter 9. Australia: Satellite Lineaments in Southeast Australia

K. L. Burns, J. Shepherd


At least four major systems of lineaments occur in Australia. One consists of aeromagnetic lineaments associated with basic dykes of Proterozoic age in the Archaean rocks of Western Australia. Another consists of faults and joints in Proterozoic rocks of Northern and North-Western Australia. A third set consists of gravity linears and topographic features related to the boundaries of intracratonic Mesozoic basins.

A fourth system of lineaments occurs in a narrow zone adjacent to the eastern continental margin. It was probably formed at dates ranging from Middle Cretaceous to Recent during a coastal epeirogeny related to the initiation and formation of the Tasman Sea.

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