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Wyoming Geological Association


Resources of the Wind River Basin; 30th Annual Field Conference Guidebook, 1978
Pages 213-225

Deformation of Non-Layered Materials that Affect Structures in Layered Rocks

D. W. Stearns, Gary Couples, M. T. Stearns


There are large volumes of rock, even in sedimentary basins, that respond mechanically as if they contained no layering. Some of these rock masses are brittle and deform primarily by faulting. It is toward these masses that this paper concerns itself because such behavior can significantly effect the resulting structural geometries in the overlying rocks that do have mechanical layering. The behavior is studied from field evidence, mathematical models, and physical models. None of these approaches by themselves can treat all of the important geologic considerations. It is from the prudent combination of the observations and results of all three types of studies that meaningful conclusions can be drawn.

The loading conditions considered are the combined effects of horizontal compression and vertical uplift. The results obtained seem to better explain certain features of the region around the Wind River Basin than do previous solutions based on vertical uplift alone. The results are used to help make more realistic geologic cross sections as well as better seismic interpretations.

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