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Wyoming Geological Association


Resources of the Wind River Basin; 30th Annual Field Conference Guidebook, 1978
Pages 289-292

Madden Deep Unit Fremont and Natrona Counties, Wyoming

Steven G. Reid


Madden Deep Unit is located on the large subsurface Madden Anticline in the northeastern Wind River Basin of Fremont and Natrona Counties, Wyoming. The Madden structure is an east-west trending anticline with 2000 feet of closure on top of the Lower Member of the Paleocene Fort Union Formation. It is 10 miles wide and over 20 miles long; it extends into the Long Butte Unit to the west and into the Badwater Unit to the east. Madden Deep Unit is comprised of slightly more than 70,000 acres. Monsanto Company is currently operator; other working interest parties include W. A. Moncrief, Inexco Oil Company, the Polumbus Company, North Central Oil Corporation, Colorado Oil Company, Sohio Petroleum Company, Yates Petroleum Corporation, and Harold Ehrlich. Fracturing is a significant factor in reservoir development. Gas and condensate are produced from Tertiary and Cretaceous sandstones which were deposited in environments varying from fluvial to marine. Through December, 1977, 81 billion cubic feet of gas and 179,000 barrels of oil had been produced from the Tertiary Fort Union Formation and Cretaceous Lance, Mesaverde and Cody formations. Ultimate recovery from this field should make it one of the more significant fields in Wyoming.

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