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Wyoming Geological Association


Resources of Southwestern Wyoming; Field Conference Guidebook, 1995
Pages 361-372

Preliminary Report on the Geology and Gold Mineralization in the Rattlesnake Hills, Granite Mountains, Wyoming

W. Dan Hausel


The Rattlesnake Hills represent a fragment of a partially exposed synformal Archean greenstone belt within the Wyoming Craton that is intruded by Tertiary alkalic volcanics. The supracrustal belt has been subjected to multiphase deformation during the Archean and later brittle deformation during the Laramide orogeny. Ductile deformation during the Archean produced foliation, and at least three episodes of folding.

At least two episodes of gold mineralization are recognized in the district. These include syngenetic stratabound exhalitive gold mineralization, and disseminated epithermal gold associated with the volcanic activity. The presence of anomalous gold associated with the Tertiary alkalics suggests that this region represents a favorable exploration target for low-grade, large-tonnage gold mineralization.

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