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Wyoming Geological Association


Classical Wyoming Geology in the New Millennium; 51st Field Conference Guidebook, 2000
Pages 1-13

A Preliminary Restoration of the Morrison Deltaic Environment in Central Wyoming

Al Allen


Correlations based on Bakker's work in the rich dinosaur quarries at Como Bluff, Wyoming have been expanded and extended over seven counties in central Wyoming. The interpretations and correlations have been compiled from sections measured over the last four years using Brunton-Jacob staff and Brunton-tape methods.

Isopach maps of total Morrison thickness as well as lower (Lake Como) and upper (Talking Rocks) members are superposed on facies trends that reveal a broad continental delta plain similar in size, ecology, and geology to the Okavango Delta, Botswana, Africa.

Because the Boundary Caliche marker can now be shown to correlate well across Wyoming, the past can be interpreted through trustworthy facies maps. Cross sections illustrate the stratigraphic variations between such widespread sections as Como Bluff, Thermopolis, and the Black Hills area.

It is hoped that these maps are used as the basis for a future statewide analysis of one of the most important dinosaur-hosting stratigraphic sequences of the world. The dinosaurs deserve no less!

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