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Wyoming Geological Association


Topics in Wyoming Geology: Wyoming Geological Association Guidebook, 2008
Page 57

Abstract: Mining in Wyoming Overview, 2007

M. Grant


The creation of Wyoming’s great mineral wealth took millions of years to create and has been utilized for only a fraction of geologic time.

The Wyoming Mining Association (WMA) represents the coal trona, bentonite and uranium industries in the State. Our mining company members employ 9,000 people and our supplier companies employ three times this amount. Wyoming Miners are paid very impressive salaries for their highly skilled positions.

The production of minerals occurs on lands owned by private individuals, the State of Wyoming, the Bureau of Land Management and the US Forest Service. This diverse ownership generates tax revenue for different levels of government.

Mining is vital to every county in the State. Some counties are blessed with coal or trona deposits and many counties do not enjoy this economic development foundation. All Wyoming Counties have a sand & gravel operation within their boundaries that are a constant source of revenue.

Mining is one of the safest industries in the state and has received national recognition for this achievement. Thirteen times in the last twenty-four years a Wyoming coal mine has received the Sentinels of Safety Award for being the safest surface-coal mine in the nation. Another example of this safety is one uranium mine operated for over 25 years without a lost-time accident.

The production of various minerals is important every American. Many mineral deposits are developed within Wyoming and more can be developed. A key factor in this development is legislative or regulatory restrictions that can limit this economic growth. Mining creates great jobs and generates tax revenue for all of Wyoming.


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