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Earth Science Bulletin (WGA)


Earth Science Bulletin
Vol. 15 (1982), No. 1. (Annual), Page 132a

Abstract: Techniques of Seismic Stratigraphy Using the “Vibroseis” System

Richard L. Lockhart1

Joint Meeting: University of Wyoming Department of Geology and Geophysics Wyoming Geological Association Geological Survey of Wyoming: April 2-4, 1982 Laramie, Wyoming: Subsurface Practices in Geology and Geophysics Abstracts of Papers - Compiled by James R. Steidtmann

The “Vibroseis” system has made remarkable advances since its beginning in the mid-fifties. It has in the recent past been a misunderstood geophysical tool, but fortunately it is now widely accepted within the industry. The new electronics, vibrators, digital recorders and the age of the computer have made giant steps in the reliability of the data. The control and flexibility one has with field parameters allows the geophysicist to tailor his data to- show stratigraphic changes. The sample section of data shows the improvements in vibroseis data over the years and how they can be used to interpret stratigraphic changes.

Acknowledgments and Associated Footnotes

1 Richard L. Lockhart: Lockhart Exploration, Casper, Wyoming

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