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Earth Science Bulletin (WGA)


Earth Science Bulletin
Vol. 17 (1984), No. 1. (Annual), Page 113b

Abstract: Hydrodynamics of the Fountain and Casper Formations, Laramie Basin, Wyoming

Richard W. Davis1

A study of the hydrodynamics of the Casper aquifer (the Casper and Fountain Formations) in the Laramie Basin of Wyoming has been completed. Water quality, geothermal, potentiometric, and petrophysical data were accumulated and reviewed in conjunction with structural information. A zone of high thermal gradients believed due to upwelling waters within the Casper aquifer has been defined. In another area the gradients suggest a geothermal resource may be present.

Porosity and permeable thickness data were used to produce a function correlative with transmissivity. The transmissivity data, analyzed in conjunction with the rest of the information accumulated, indicate areas of stratigraphic change. The changes may be the basis for the stratigraphic entrapment of oil. The data also indicate areas in which oil entrapment is unlikely but where potable ground water supplies are likely to exist.

The hydrodynamics of the Pennsylvanian System have had a marked effect upon known oil fields and upon water quality. Data currently being developed show the vertical flow dimension plays a significant role in basin analysis. Data from shallower strata show the effects of the upwelling ground water defined by this study using Casper aquifer data.

Acknowledgments and Associated Footnotes

1 Richard W. Davis: Geotechnical Corporation, Laramie, Wyoming

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