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Alaska Geological Society

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Bedrock geology of the Glenn Highway from Anchorage to Sheep Mountain, Alaska, 2015

Field Guide to the Mesozoic Arc and Accretionary Complex of South-Central Alaska, Indian to Hatcher Pass, 2015

Field Guide to the Geology of the Denali National Park Road and the Parks Highway from Cantwell to Healy, 2013

Field Guide Stratigraphy, Sedimentology and Paleoenvironments of the Cantwell Formation, Denali National Park, Alaska, 2011

Field Guide to the Accretionary Complex and Neotectonics of South-Central Alaska, Anchorage to Seward, 2011

Field Guide Mesozoic Accretionary Complex in Kachemak Bay and Seldovia, South Central, Alaska, 2009

The Alaska Geological Society 2009 Technical Conference Abstracts Volume, 2009

The Alaska Geological Society 2008 Technical Conference Abstracts Volume, 2008

The Alaska Geological Society 2007 Technical Conference Abstracts Volume, 2007

Bedrock Geology of the Glenn Highway from Anchorage to Sheep Mountain, Alaska – Mesozoic-Cenozoic Forearc Basin Development along an Accretionary Convergent Margin, 2006

Alaska Geological Society 2005 Geology Symposium, 2005

Alaska Geological Society 2003 Geology Symposium, 2003

Alaska Geological Society 2001 Geology Symposium, 2001

The Alaska Geological Society 1999 Science and Technology Conference, 1999

1997 Guide to the geology of the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska, 1997

Guide to the Little Ice Age Landforms and Glacial Dynamics in Portage Valley and Portage Pass, 1992

Guide to the Geology of the Resurrection Bay–Eastern Kenai Fjords Area, 1989

Arctic Slope carbonates: A Short Course. An Introduction to Carbonates with an Emphasis on the Arctic Slope Region, 1988

1987 Geologic Hazards Symposium Agenda and Abstracts, 1987

A Field Guide to the Geologic Hazards of Anchorage and Turnagain Arm Alaska, 1987

Petroleum Geology of the 1002 Area, ANWR Coastal Plain, Alaska, 1987

Glaciation in Alaska: The Geologic Record, 1986

Composite Strat Column and Prod Zones, 1985

Geologic Guide to the Fairbanks-Livengood Area, East-central Alaska, 1985

Gulf of Alaska Stratigraphic Sections, 1985

Lower Cook Inlet Stratigraphic Correlation Sections, 1985, 1985

Guide to Late Pleistocene and Holocene Deposits of Turnagain Arm, 1984

Guide to the Bedrock and Glacial Geology of the Glen Highway, Anchorage to the Matanuska Glacier and the Mantanuska Coal Mining District, 1984

Guide to the Bedrock geology of a Traverse of the Chugach Mountains from Anchorage to Cape Resurrection, 1984

Guide to the Engineering Geology of the Anchorage Area, 1984

Guide to the Glacial Geology of Glacier Bay, Southeastern Alaska, 1984

Guide to the Willow Creek Gold Mining District, with Stops at the Castle Mountain Fault and the Alaska Tsunami Warning Center, 1984

Journal of the Alaska Geological Society, Fourth Volume, 1984

Journal of the Alaska Geological Society, second volume. Proceedings of the 1981 Mini-Symposium: The Origin of the Arctic Ocean (Canada Basin), 1983

Journal of the Alaska Geological Society, third volume. Proceedings of the 1982 Symposium: Western Alaska Geology and Resource Potential, 1983

Guide to the Bedrock Geology Along the Seward Highway North of Turnagain Arm, 1981

West to East Stratigraphic Correlation Section, 1980

North to South Stratigraphic Correlation Section, 1976

Bristol Bay Region Stratigraphic Correlation Section, Southwest Alaska, 1975

Northwest to Southeast Stratigraphic Correlation Section, 1971

Copper River Basin, Alaska, Stratigraphic Sections, 1970

Lower Susitna–Knik Arm Strat Sections, 1970

Oil and Gas Fields in the Cook Inlet Basin Alaska, 1970

West to East Stratigraphic Correlation Section, 1970

Upper Cook Inlet Stratigraphic Study, 1969

Cook Inlet Basin Structure Section, 1967, 1967