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Application of forensic science techniques to trace fossils on dinosaur bones from a quarry in the Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation, northeastern Wyoming

Kenneth S. Bader

An atmospheric stimulus for cyanobacterial-bioinduced calcification ca. 350 million years ago?

Robert Riding

Bathysiphon (Foraminiferida) at Pacheco Pass, California: A geopetal, paleocurrent, and paleobathymetric indicator in the Franciscan Complex

David B. Saja

Brackish-water ichnological trends in a microtidal barrier island–embayment system, Kouchibouguac National Park, New Brunswick, Canada

Tyler E. Hauck

Catastrophically buried Middle Pennsylvanian Sigillaria and calamitean sphenopsids from Indiana, USA: What kind of vegetation was this?

William A. DiMichele

Caught in the act: Trophic interactions between a 4-million-2009-old white shark (Carcharodon) and mysticete whale from Peru

Dana J. Ehret

Change and stability in Permian brachiopod communities from western Texas

Thomas D. Olszewski

Clues to the medieval destabilization of the Nebraska Sand Hills, USA, from ancient pocket gopher burrows

Rebecca L. Schmeisser

Composition and structure of an in situ Middle Pennsylvanian peat-forming plant assemblage buried in volcanic ash, Radnice Basin (Czech Republic)

Stanislav Opluštil

Critical issues of scale in paleoecology

J Bret Bennington

Dating the change from endorheic to exorheic conditions in the drainage system of the Granada Basin (southern Spain)

Antonio García-Alix

Deposition and taphonomy of the Hound Island Late Triassic vertebrate fauna: Fossil preservation within subaqueous gravity flows

Thomas L. Adams

Dinosaur-bearing oncoids from ephemeral lakes of the Lower Cretaceous Cedar Mountain Formation, Utah

Russell S. Shapiro

Drilling predation intensity and feeding preferences by Nucella (Muricidae) on limpets inferred from a dead-shell assemblage

Yurena Yanes

An early Hettangian coral reef in southern France: Implications for the end-Triassic reef crisis

Wolfgang Kiessling

Early Triassic microbial spheroids in the Virgin Limestone Member of the Moenkopi Formation, Nevada, USA

Sara B. Pruss

Ecological persistence in the Late Mississippian (Serpukhovian, Namurian A) megafloral record of the Upper Silesian Basin, Czech Republic

Robert A. Gastaldo

Ecological restructuring after extinction: The Late Ordovician (Mohawkian) of the eastern United States

Karen M. Layou

Epifauna-dominated benthic shelf assemblages: Lessons from the modern Adriatic Sea

Martin Zuschin

Escape traces associated with Rafinesquina alternata, an Upper Ordovician strophomenid brachiopod from the Cincinnati Arch region

Benjamin F. Dattilo

Evolving mineralogy of cheilostome bryozoans

Paul D. Taylor

Face biting on a juvenile tyrannosaurid and behavioral implications

Joseph E. Peterson

First report of sublethal breakage-induced predation on Devonian bivalves

Judith Nagel-Myers

A fossil everglades-type marl prairie and its paleoenvironmental significance

Markus Reuter

Fungi in a Lower Cretaceous turtle egg from China: Evidence of ecological interactions

Frankie D. Jackson

Gastropod egg capsules preserved on bivalve shells from the Lower Jurassic (Hettangian) of Poland

Michał Zatoń

High-resolution Mg/Ca ratios in a coralline red alga as a proxy for Bering Sea temperature variations from 1902 To 1967

Steffen Hetzinger

Huesser horizon: A lake and a marine incursion in northwestern South America during the early Miocene

Andres A. Gomez

The ichnofossil Halimedides in Cretaceous pelagic deposits from the Alps: Environmental and ethological significance

Christian Gaillard

Improving the repeatability of low magnification microwear methods using high dynamic range imaging

Danielle Fraser

Influence of beach morphodynamics on the distributions of the opheliid polychaete Euzonus sp. and its feeding burrows on a sandy beach: Paleoecological and paleoenvironmental implications for the trace fossil Macaronichnus segregatis

Koji Seike

Isotopic analysis of the life history of the enigmatic squid Spirula spirula, with implications for studies of fossil cephalopods

Gregory D. Price

A juvenile redlichiid trilobite caught on the move: Evidence from the Cambrian (Series 2) Chengjiang Lagerstätte, southwestern China

Qiang Ou

Laboratory-controlled simulations of dinosaur footprints in sand: A key to understanding vertebrate track formation and preservation

Simon J. Jackson

Late Holocene hydrologic and vegetation changes at Turneffe Atoll, Belize, compared with records from mainland Central America and Mexico

Matthew J. Wooller

Linking evolution of fossil communities with evolution of carbonate sedimentary systems

Loïc Villier

Megafloral perturbation across the Enna Marine Zone in the Upper Silesian Basin attests to Late Mississippian (Serpukhovian) deglaciation and climate change

Robert A. Gastaldo

Multivariate faunal analyses of the Turonian Bissekty Formation: Variation in the degree of marine influence in temporally and spatially averaged fossil assemblages

Cory M. Redman

Neoichnological experiments with masked chafer beetles (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae): Implications for backfilled continental trace fossils

John W. Counts

Neoichnology of burrowing millipedes: Linking modern burrow morphology, organism behavior, and sediment properties to interpret continental ichnofossils

Daniel I. Hembree

Novel application of focused ion beam electron microscopy (FIB-EM) in preparation and analysis of microfossil ultrastructures: A new view of complexity in early eukaryotic organisms

James D. Schiffbauer

The occurrence of chitinoidellids in palynological residues from the Ammonitico Rosso Formation (Tithonian), Spain

Gloria Andreini

The Oligocene–Miocene Transition on coral reefs in the Falcón Basin (NW Venezuela)

Kenneth G. Johnson

Ordovician vertebrate habitats: A Gondwanan perspective

Neil S. Davies

Oxygen isotope composition of bivalve seasonal growth increments and ambient water in the rivers Rhine and Meuse

Emma A. A. Versteegh

The Paleocene–Eocene thermal maximum: New data on microfossil turnover at the Zumaia section, Spain

Laia Alegret

Paleocommunity reconstruction and accumulation of micromammalian remains (late Eocene, southern England)

Katerina Vasileiadou

Pennsylvanian paleokarst and cave fills from northern Illinois, USA: A window into late Carboniferous environments and landscapes

Roy E. Plotnick

Plant accumulations along the Itanhaém River Basin, southern coast of São Paulo State, Brazil

Fresia Ricardi-Branco

Pliocene balanuliths from northern Chile: The first report of fossil balanuliths

Sven N. Nielsen

Prediction of atmospheric 13CO2 using plant cuticle isolated from fluvial sediment: Tests across a gradient in salt content

A. Hope Jahren

Probability models for stasis and change in paleocommunity structure

John C. Handley

A pterosaur manus track from Denali National Park, Alaska Range, Alaska, United States

Anthony R. Fiorillo

Quantifying the impacts of early diagenetic aragonite dissolution on the fossil record

Lesley Cherns

Quantitative analysis of taphofacies and paleocommunities in the early Cambrian Chengjiang Lagerstätte

Fangchen Zhao

Quantitatively evaluating the sources of taphonomic biasing of skeletal element abundances in fossil assemblages

Jason R. Moore

Sedimentology and paleoecology of a diverse Early Jurassic tetrapod tracksite in Lesotho, southern Africa

Roger M. H. Smith

Sequence stratigraphic control on preservation of late Eocene whales and other vertebrates at Wadi Al-Hitan, Egypt

Shanan E. Peters

Shallow-water Sporolithon rhodoliths from North Island (New Zealand)

Daniela Basso

Signs of benthic predation on Late Jurassic stalked crinoids, preliminary data

Przemysław Gorzelak

Silicification of higher plants in geothermally influenced wetlands: Yellowstone as a Lower Devonian Rhynie analog

Alan Channing

Soft-tissue preservation in Miocene frogs from Libros, Spain: Insights into the genesis of decay microenvironments

Maria E. McNamara

Stable isotopes, elemental distribution, and growth rings of belemnopsid belemnite rostra: Proxies for belemnite life habitat

Hubert Wierzbowski

The stratigraphic distribution of fossils in a tropical carbonate succession: Ordovician Bighorn Dolomite, Wyoming, USA

Steven M. Holland

Taphonomic bias on drill-hole predation intensities and paleoecology of Pliocene mollusks from Langenboom (Mill), The Netherlands

Adiël A. Klompmaker

The taphonomic fidelity of seed size in fossil assemblages: A live-dead case study

Hallie J. Sims

Taphonomy of ediacaran acritarchs from Australia: Significance for taxonomy and biostratigraphy

Kathleen Grey

Taphonomy of modern marine Bahamian microbialites

Noah Planavsky

Taphonomy of vertebrate fossil assemblages from swampy circum-lake environments: An example from the late Eocene of Zambrana (Iberian Peninsula)

Ainara Badiola

Taphonomy of vertebrate microfossil assemblages in coastal environments: In search of a modern analogous model

Romain Vullo

Testing evolutionary dynamics on first lower molars of Pliocene Ogmodontomys (Arvicolidae, Rodentia) from the Meade Basin of southwestern Kansas (USA): A landmark-based approach

Federica Marcolini

Tropical ochrophyte algae from the Eocene of Northern Canada: A biogeographic response to past global warming

Peter A. Siver

Tube worm fossils or relic methane expulsing conduits?

Federico F. Krause

Ultrastructure of enigmatic phytoclasts (banded tubes) from the Silurian–Lower Devonian: Evidence for affinities and role in early terrestrial ecosystems

Wilson A. Taylor

Understanding the role of taphonomy and post-depositional processes on the intertidal stratigraphic record

Andrew Berkeley

A unique piece of amber and the complexity of ancient forest ecosystems

Vincent Perrichot

Unusual occurrence of gastroliths in a polycotylid plesiosaur from the Upper Cretaceous Tropic Shale, southern Utah

Rebecca L. Schmeisser

Using GIS To determine the effects of two common taphonomic biases on vertebrate fossil assemblages

Amy Chew

Variation in brachiopod preservation along a carbonate shelf-basin transect (Red Sea and Gulf of Aden): Environmental sensitivity of taphofacies

Adam Tomašových

Who needs (lower Paleozoic) biostratigraphy?

John F. Taylor

Widespread Upper Triassic to Lower Jurassic wildfire records from Poland: Evidence from charcoal and pyrolytic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons

Leszek Marynowski