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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Shreveport Geological Society

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Field Study: Bayou D'Arbonne Lake Field - Cotton Valley, Union Parish, Louisiana

Jack Kramberger

Field Study: Bayou Middle Fork - Smackover Formation, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana

Kip Ferns

Field Study: Bethany Longstreet - Rodessa, Desoto Parish, Louisiana

Leroy Foll

Field Study: Black Lake Field - Pettet, Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana

Ann Krafve

Field Study: Calvin Field - Sligo Formation, Winn Parish, Louisiana

C.S. Cook

Field Study: Chalybeat Springs Field, Smackover and Cotton Valley Formations, Columbia Co. Arkansas

Alan H. Talley

Field Study: Clear Branch Field - Hosston, Jackson Parish, Louisiana

H.M. Gorrod

Field Study: Cotton Valley Field - Gray Sand, Webster Parish, Louisiana

Larsen Drake

Field Study: Cummings Field - Smackover, Miller County, Arkansas

Donald E. Getnetz

Field Study: Days Creek Field - Smackover, Miller County, Ark

J.O. Laird

Field Study: Lake Curry Field - Wilcox Group, Concordia Parish, Louisiana

W.E. Hayes

Field Study: Leatherman Creek Field - Hosston, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana

C.S. Cook, Terry Antee

Field Study: Lewisville - Smackover, Lafayette County, Arkansas

O.B. Mobley

Field Study: Mt. Olive Field - Smackover, Union Parish, Louisiana

L.V. Hull

Field Study: Mt. Vernon Field - Smackover Lime, Columbia and Lafayette Counties, Arkansas

Loyd Cardell

Field study: North Big Island Field - Wilcox Formation, Rapides Parish, Louisiana

Lawrence A. Goebel

Field Study: Northwest Colquitt Field - Buckner and Smackover Formation, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana

C. Lane Sartor

Field Study: Oaks (Smackover "B") Field, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana

Virgil S. Whitesides Jr.

Field Study: Panther Creek Field - Pettet, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana

Laurence Lees

Field Study: Parker Lake Field - Minter Sand of Wilcox, Catahoula and Concordia Parishes, Louisiana

George R. Morgan

Field Study: Rawson Creek Field- Wilcox E-2 Sand, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana

Michael L. Kidda

Field Study: Ruston Field, Lincoln Parish, Louisiana

Ray T. Jenkins

Field Study: Sailes Field and West Bryceland Fields (Hosston Gas) Bienville Parish, Louisiana

Don W. Webb

Field Study: South Drew Field Cotton Valley "D" Sand and Vaughn Sand, Ouachita Parish, Louisiana

Richard D. Taylor

Field Study: South Sarepta Field - Gray Sand, Bossier and Webster Parishes, Louisiana

David R. Gould

Field Study: Sugar Creek Field, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana

Jack Kramberger

Field Study: Tremont Field - Cotton Valley Davis Sand, Lincoln Parish Louisiana

Percy Wheeler

Field Study: Tubal Field - Smackover Zone, Union and Columbia Counties, Arkansas

C. Lane Sartor

Field Study: Walker Creek Unit - Smackover Formation, Lafayette and Columbia Counties, Arkansas

Dan Smith

Field Study: Welcome Field - Smackover, Columbia County, Arkansas

George L. Herrell

Geology of the South Drew Field, Ouachita Parish, Louisiana

Richard D. Taylor

Report on Selected Oil and Gas Fields - North Louisiana and South Arkansas, Vol. 6, 1980, Geologic Column, Title Page, Table of Contents and Preface

Shreveport Geological Society