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Vaporchoc: Utilization of Steam as a New Seismic Source

P. Staron

Pacific Section of AAPG

... simultaneously the guns give rise to a synchronous first pulse and asynchronous secondary pulses. Figure 2 shows the effect of air pressure on the bubble...


ABSTRACT: Spatial Scales and Distribution of Hydrocarbon Seeps near Coal Oil Point, California; #90013 (2003)

Libe Washburn, Phaedon Kyriakidis, Eun-Hye Yoo, Jordan F. Clark

Search and

.... An array of thermal sensors on the buoy shows the effect of bubble plumes on near-surface temperature structure. Copyright A 2003 by AAPG...


PVT Correlations for Indonesian Crude Oils

Madjedi Hasan, Lestari, Inawati

Indonesian Petroleum Association

... empirical methods for estimating bubble point pressure and formation volume factor of oil at bubble point pressure for Indonesia oil and gas mixtures...


Development and Evaluation of Multiphase Closure Models used in the Simulation of Unconventional Wellbore Dynamics

Travis Mitchell, Bryce Hill, Mahshid Firouzi, Christopher Leonardi

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... was applied. As a result of this, the bubble would propagate in a direction opposing the applied force due to the effect of buoyancy. The periodic boundaries...


Evaluation of possible gas microseepage mechanisms

Alton Brown

AAPG Bulletin

..., and the bubble very abruptly approaches terminal velocity for its radius and surrounding fluid viscosity. The body force is the buoyancy effect caused...


Marine Seismic Sources: Part I: Air-Guns for Non Experts

Lasse Amundsen, Martin Landrø

GEO ExPro Magazine

...-bubble ratio is PBR=P/B. The far-field signature (lower trace) shows the effect that the source ghost has on the near-field signature. The peak...


Reservoir Fluid Properties Required for Low-Permeability Oil Reservoir Analysis; #80363 (2014)

Matt Mavor

Search and

... and production pressures below oil bubble-point pressure. Gas and oil properties are required to properly quantify flowing properties...


Bubble Characteristics in Gassy Sediments

Thomas H. Orsi, Aubrey L. Anderson

GCAGS Transactions

... segregation of bubbles correlates well with sediment structure and water content but has only a nominal effect on overall sediment bulk density. Bubble size...


Effect of Biogenic Methane on Sediment Instability in Modern Delta Sediments: ABSTRACT

Thomas Whelan, III

AAPG Bulletin

...Effect of Biogenic Methane on Sediment Instability in Modern Delta Sediments: ABSTRACT Thomas Whelan, III 1979 551 551 63 3. (March) Biogenic methane...


Broadband Seismic Technology and Beyond: Part VI: Towards a Ghost-Free Solution

Lasse Amundsen, Martin Landrø, Eivind Frømyr

GEO ExPro Magazine

... solution in 2011: a time- and depth-distributed source using sub-sources operated at specific depths and time delays, attacking the source-ghost effect...


Bubble-wall Texture and its Significance: NOTES

Richard V. Fisher

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

...Bubble-wall Texture and its Significance: NOTES Richard V. Fisher 1963 Vol. 33 No. 1. (March), FISHER, R. V., AND WILCOX, R. E., 1960, The John Day...


Investigating the Effect of Salinity on Counter-Current Two-Phase Flow Regimes in Annuli

Benjamin Wu, Mahshid Firouzi, Ayrton S. Ribeiro, Thomas E. Rufford, Brian Towler

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... in salinity, tested up to 29,000 ppm (0.5 Molar), were observed to have a negligible impact on bubble size. The effect of salinity was also seen to be greatly...


Marine Seismic Sources: Part VII: Fish are Big Talkers

Martin Landrø, Lasse Amundsen

GEO ExPro Magazine

.... The most important of these grounds are in Lofoten and Vesterålen. Herring-made Bubble Screens The sound production of Pacific and Atlantic herring...


Transportation of Sediment by Bubbles

Henry W. Menard

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... will not. The effect of particle shape and density upon the tenacity of a grain and a bubble is exactly the same as if the grain were floating and the bubble...


Abstract: Gas-Liquid Interactions in Natural Geothermal Conduits: Implications for Artificial Gas-Lift Applications; #90238 (2015)

D. Robertson, E. Joseph, N. Fournier, and F. Witham

Search and

... to be supported by a gas bubble layer above a natural gas-lift system, namely an intermittent/continuous geothermal gas bubble contribution through narrow...


Observed Gas-Oil Ratio Trends in Liquids Rich Shale Reservoirs

Yogashri Pradhan

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

..., and the near-critical scenario is induced by small scale nanoconfinement effect. When pressure falls below the apparent bubble point, gas phase...


Mound Structures from the Caithness Flagstones (Middle Devonian), Northern Scotland

R. Nowell Donovan, Alan Collins

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... to the bubble escape points whereas the finest material was more widely dispersed. DISCUSSION Mound structures resemble pit and mound structures (Shrock, 1948...


Reliability of Saturation-Pressure Method for Dating Time of Oil Accumulation

M. E. Hoshkiw

AAPG Bulletin

... in the undersaturated reservoir fluid within the same pool (Justus et al., 1954). 8. Effect of temperature: The effect of temperature increase upon the bubble point...


Practical Aspects of Geobarometry

Robert H. Goldstein, T. James Reynolds

Special Publications of SEPM

... of Fluid Inclusions in Diagenetic Minerals (SC31), 1994 Chapter 10 PRACTICAL ASPECTS OF GEOBAROMETRY INTRODUCTION From Determination of the Bubble...


Coupled Geomechanics and Pore Confinement Effects for Modeling Unconventional Shale Reservoirs

Yi Xiong, Philip Winterfeld, Yu-Shu Wu

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

...owever, the capillary pressure of nanometers pores of unconventional reservoir rocks suppresses the bubble point pressure; and the geomechanical effect due to in...


A New System for High-Magnification Thermometric Studies of Fluid Inclusions in Diagenetic Minerals: RESEARCH METHOD PAPER

Jamie J. Wilkinson

Journal of Sedimentary Research (SEPM)

... as they dissolve. This effect tends to become more pronounced near the final ice-melting temperature. On melting of the last crystal, the bubble usually...


Are Fluid Inclusions Representative Samples of Diagenetic Fluids?

Robert H. Goldstein, T. James Reynolds

Special Publications of SEPM

... effect:" there will always be a concentration gradient between the face of a crystal and the fluid. Worst case scenarios would involve a rapidly...


Hydrate Formation in Subsurface Environments: GEOLOGIC NOTES

G. D. Holder , D. L. Katz , J. H. Hand

AAPG Bulletin

... Alaska's North Slope is denuded of light hydrocarbon constituents--methane, ethane, and propane--by hydrate formation reducing the mixture-bubble-point...


Confinement Effect on the Fluid Phase Behavior and Flow in Shale Oil Reservoirs

Yilei Song, Zhaojie Song, Jia Guo, Dong Feng, Baojun Bai, Yueliang Liu

Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

... in nanopores show that the bubble point pressure is depressed due to the confinement effect. In the twophase region, solution gas-oil ratio and oil...


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