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Houston Geological Society Bulletin


Houston Geological Society Bulletin, Volume 45, No. 6, February 2003. Pages 13-13.

Abstract: Techniques for Determining Groundwater Previous HitQualityNext Hit from Borehole Geophysical Logs


Hughbert Collier
Collier Consulting, Stephenville, TX

In many parts of the world, techniques are needed to accurately assess the Previous HitqualityNext Hit and quantity of fresh and saline groundwater resources. In determining the Previous HitwaterNext Hit Previous HitqualityNext Hit of an aquifer there is certainly nothing equal to a laboratory analysis of the Previous HitwaterNext Hit. Unfortunately, however, Previous HitwaterNext Hit samples are frequently not available. This is true for fresh as well as saline Previous HitwaterNext Hit aquifers.

In the absence of a Previous HitwaterNext Hit analysis, Previous HitwaterNext Hit Previous HitqualityNext Hit can be calculated from borehole geophysical logs. Often, this is the only available method. Plus, logging data are much more abundant and more easily accessible than Previous HitwaterNext Hit analyses. In hydrocarbon-producing areas tens of thousands of borehole geophysical logs are available for aquifers that have only a few Previous HitwaterNext Hit analyses.

Determining Previous HitwaterNext Hit Previous HitqualityNext Hit from logs has long been a subject of interest to log analysts. However, most of the research has been conducted by the petroleum industry and has centered on very saline and brine waters. Few papers have addressed groundwater Previous HitqualityTop determination from logs of less saline waters.

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