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Houston Geological Society Bulletin


Houston Geological Society Bulletin, Volume 50, No. 08, April 2008. Page 17 - 17.

Abstract: Case History: Minden Field Redevelopment

Gary Griffith
El Paso

Minden Field is located in Rusk County, Texas, on the west flank of the Sabine Uplift. Historic production has been predominantly from the Rodessa, Pettet and Hosston Formations. Escalating gas prices and new fracture technology have recently made the Cotton Valley Sands economically viable. In 2005 El Paso purchased properties in Minden Field. This allowed El Paso to re-enter East Texas with a low risk/low cost development program targeting Cotton Valley Sands. Since taking over operations, El Paso was presented with a series of challenges which had to be worked through to make Minden Field a successful acquisition. These challenges include regulatory issues, keeping ahead of an aggressive 3-rig program, unexpected loss of rigs and increase in development costs.

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