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HED4: Basin Modeling: New Horizons in Research and Applications

Edited by Kenneth E. Peters, David J. Curry and Marek Kacewicz

Frontmatter (PDF)

Introduction: An Overview of Basin and Petroleum System Modeling: Definitions and Concepts
Kenneth E. Peters, David J. Curry, and Marek Kacewicz

Chapter 1: Retardation of Hydrocarbon Generation and Maturation by Water Pressure in Geologic Basins: An Experimental Investigation
Clement N. Ugana, Colin E. Snape, Will Meredith, Andrew D. Carr, Iain C. Scotchman, and Robert C. Davis

Chapter 2: First Stoichiometric Model of Oil Biodegradation in Natural Petroleum Systems: Part II: Application of the Bioclass 0D Approach to Oils From Various Sources
Frank Haeseler, F. Behar, and D. Garnier

Chapter 3: Model of Low-Maturity Generation of Hydrocarbons Applied to the Carupano Basin, Offshore Venezuela
Frederic Jean Simon Schneider, Jose A. Noya, and Caroline Magnier

Chapter 4: Moho, Basin Dynamics, Salt Stock Family Development, and Hydrocarbon System Examples of the North German Basin Revisited by Applying Seismic Common Reflection Surface Processing
Heinz-Juergen Brink, Dirk Gajewski, Mikhail Baykulov, and Mi-Kyung Yoon

Chapter 5: Prediction of Fluid Compositional Heterogeneities in Fields Using Local Grid Refinement: Example from the Jurassic of Northern Kuwait
Frédéric Monnier, Pierre-Yves Chenet, Jean-Marie Laigle, Francois Lorant, Sylvie Pegaz-Fiornet, and Awatif Al-Khamiss

Chapter 6: A Methodology to Incorporate Dynamic Salt Evolution in Three-Dimensional Basin Models: Application to Regional Modeling of the Gulf of Mexico
Richard Gibson

Chapter 7: Modeling3: Integrating Structural Modeling, Fault Property Analysis, and Petroleum Systems Modeling — An Example from the Brooks Range Foothills of the Alaska North Slope
Carolyn Lampe, Kenneth J. Bird, Thomas E. Moore, Robert A. Ratliff, and Brett Freeman

Chapter 8: Structural Evolution, Temperature, and Maturity of Sedimentary Basins in The Netherlands: Results of Combined Structural and Thermal Two-Dimensional Modeling
Susanne Nelskamp, Jan D. van Wees, and Ralf Littke

Chapter 9: Three-Dimensional Basin and Petroleum System Model of the Cretaceous Burgan Formation, Kuwait: Model-in-Model, High-Resolution Charge Modeling
Jan Frederik Derks, Oliver Swientek, Thomas Fuchs, Armin Kauerauf, Meshari Al-Quattan, Mariam Al-Saeed, and Mubarak Al-Hajeri

Chapter 10: Reconstruction of Basal Heat Flow, Surface Temperature, Source Rock Maturity, and Hydrocarbon Generation in Salt-Dominated Dutch Basins
Hanneke M. Verweij, Mônica Souto Carneiro Echternach, Nora Witmans, and Rader Abdul Fattah

Chapter 11: A New Efficient Scheme to Model Hydrocarbon Migration at Basin Scale: A Pressure-Saturation Splitting
Sylvie Wolf, Isabelle Faille, Sylvie Pegaz-Fiornet, Françoise Willien, and Bernard Carpentier

Chapter 12: Identifying and Quantifying Significant Uncertainties in Basin Modeling
Paul J. Hicks Jr., Carmen M. Fraticelli, Jennifer D. Shosa, Martine J. Hardy, and Michael B. Townsley

Chapter 13: Comparison Between the Different Approaches of Secondary and Tertiary Hydrocarbon Migration Modeling in Basin Simulators
Sylvie Pegaz-Fiornet, Bernard Carpentier, Anthony Michel, and Sylvie Wolf

Chapter 14: Quantitative Assessment of Hydrocarbon Charge Risk in New Ventures Exploration: Are We Fooling Ourselves?
Noelle B. Schoellkopf

Chapter 15: Simulation of Petroleum Migration in Fine-Grained Rock by Upscaling Relative Permeability Curves: The Malvinas Basin, Offshore Argentina
André Vayssaire

Chapter 16: Prediction of Reservoir Fluid Composition Using Basin and Petroleum System Modeling:A Study from the Jeanne d’Arc Basin, Eastern Canada
Friedemann Baur, Ralf Littke, Hans Wielens, and Rolando di Primio

Chapter 17: Integrating Geochemistry, Charge Rate and Timing, Trap Timing, and Reservoir Temperature History to Model Fluid Properties in the Frade and Roncador Fields, Campos Basin, Offshore Brazil
John Guthrie, Christian Nino, and Hassan Hassan

Chapter 18: Petroleum System Modeling of Northern Alaska
Oliver Schenk, Leslie B. Magoon, Kenneth J. Bird, and Kenneth E. Peters