Electronic Index of AAPG Special Publications:

M111: 3-D Structural Interpretation: Earth, Mind, and Machine

Edited by Bob Krantz, Carol Ormand, and Brett Freeman


Chapter 1: Learning from the 2013 3-D Interpretation Hedberg Conference: How Geoscientists See 3-D
Bob Krantz, Carol Ormand, and Brett Freeman

Chapter 2: Training Spatial Skills in Geosciences: A Review of Tests and Tools
Kristin M. Gagnier, Thomas F. Shipley, Basil Tikoff, Bridget C. Garnier, Carol Ormand, Kinnari Atit, and Ilyse Resnick

Chapter 3: Visual Metaphors in Structural Geology: A Means for Enhancing 3-D Visualization
George H. Davis and David Fischer

Chapter 4: Visible Geology: Creative Online Tools for Teaching, Learning, and Communicating Geologic Concepts
Rowan Cockett, Tara Moran, and Adam Pidlisecky

Chapter 5: Spatial Skills in Expert Structural Geologists
Margaret R. Tarampi, Kinnari Atit, Heather L. Petcovic, Thomas F. Shipley, and Mary Hegarty

Chapter 6: Structural Interpretation of Seismic Geologic Reality, Perspective, and 3-D Thinking
Peter Boult, Brett Freeman, and Graham Yielding

Chapter 7: Subsurface Structural Interpretation: The Significance of 3-D Structural Frameworks
Bob Krantz and Thomas Neely

Chapter 8: Insight on Mechanical Stratigraphy and Subsurface Interpretation
Ronald N. McGinnis, David A. Ferrill, Alan P. Morris, and Kevin J. Smart

Chapter 9: Evolution of the Hat Creek Fault System, Northern California
Simon A. Kattenhorn, Robert W. Krantz, Erin L. Walker and Matthew W. Blakeslee

Chapter 10: 3-D Seismic-Structural Workflows — Examples Using the Hat Creek Fault System
Graham Yielding and Brett Freeman

Chapter 11: Earth, Mind, and Paper: Field Sketches as Expert Representations of the Hat Creek Fault Zone
Heather L. Petcovic, Carol J. Ormand, and Bob Krantz

Chapter 12: Increasing Interpreter Capability in Structurally Complex Settings through Combined Fieldwork, Interpretation, and Geocellular Modeling
John G. Solum, Stephen J. Jolley, and Benjamin D. Meyer

Chapter 13: Linking Cognitive Science and Disciplinary Geoscience Practice: The Importance of the Conceptual Model
Thomas F. Shipley and Basil Tikoff