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M123: South America–Caribbean–Central Atlantic Plate Boundary:
Tectonic Evolution, Basin Architecture, and Petroleum Systems

Edited by
Claudio Bartolini


Chapter 1: Cretaceous to Neogene Arc–Continent Collision, Orogenic Float Development, and Implications on the Petroleum Systems of Northern Venezuela
Jairo Lugo and Felipe Audemard

Chapter 2: Petroleum Source Rock Analysis in the Eastern Caribbean Region
Luis Miguel Bernardo and Claudio Bartolini

Chapter 3: Sedimentological Constraints and Provenance of Eocene and Miocene Successions from Barbados
Udo Zimmermann, Jacob Dieset, Lisa J. Watson, and Tom Lapen

Chapter 4: Tectono–stratigraphic Evolution and Structural Styles of the Northeastern Venezuela Offshore: Implications for Hydrocarbon Plays
Raul Ysaccis and Albert W. Bally

Chapter 5: Tectonics Evolution of Sedimentary Basins around the Arcuate Southeastern Margin of the Caribbean Plate
Tricia G. Alvarez, Paul Mann, and Lesli J. Wood

Chapter 6: Quantitative Plate Tectonic Reconstructions of the Caribbean Region from Jurassic to Present
Alejandro Escalona, Ian O. Norton, Lawrence A. Lawver, and Lisa Gahagan

Chapter 7: Tectono–Stratigraphic Evolution of the Barbados Accretionary Prism and Surrounding Sedimentary Basins within the Southeastern Caribbean, Arcuate, Strike-Slip-to-Subduction Transition Zone
Shenelle Gomez, Tricia Alvarez, Paul Mann, and Ana Krueger

Chapter 8: Neogene Paleostress and Structural Evolution of Trinidad: Rotation, Strain Partitioning, and Strike-slip Reactivation of an Obliquely Colliding Thrust Belt
Jean-Claude Hippolyte and Paul Mann

Chapter 9: Creating Spatial-Based Paleogeography from Plate Reconstructions: A Methodology
L. Watson and A. Escalona

Chapter 10: Subsurface Structure of the Hinge Line Fault Zone and Its Control on the Distribution of Gas Fields of the North Coast Marine Area of Offshore Northern Trinidad
Stefan Punnette and Paul Mann

Chapter 11: Gravity and Heat Flow Analysis of the Oceanic Subduction Zone in the Eastern Caribbean
Antonio Ughi

Chapter 12: Subsurface Geology of La Vela Basin, Offshore Venezuela: Examples of Basement and Carbonate-hosted Liquid and Gas Hydrocarbon Reservoirs
Joan Marie Blanco and Paul Mann

Chapter 13: Barbados Petroleum and Its Role in Understanding Distribution of Cretaceous Source Rocks in the Southeastern Caribbean Margin: Insights from an Organic Geochemistry Study
Andrés Cedeño, Sverre Ohm, and Alejandro Escalona

Chapter 14: Gravity, Seismic Reflection, and Tomographic Constraints on the Subduction-to-Strike-Slip Transition at the Southeastern Caribbean Plate Boundary Zone
Tricia G. Alvarez, Paul Mann, Carlos A. Vargas, and Lesli J. Wood

Chapter 15: Late Cretaceous–Pliocene Paleogeography of the Circum-Caribbean Region Based on Quantitative Plate Reconstruction and Georeferenced Databases
Alejandro Escalona, Sayyid Suhail Ahmad, and Lisa Watson

Chapter 16: Overview of the Subsurface Structural Provinces of the Southern Gulf of Paria Region, Trinidad–Venezuela: Implications for Petroleum Prospectivity
Brendan Figueira and Alejandro Escalona

Chapter 17: Pleistocene to Holocene Sedimentary Evolution of the North Coast Marine Area, Offshore Trinidad
Stefan Punnette, Lesli J. Wood, and Paul Mann

Chapter 18: Structure, Stratigraphy, and Hydrocarbon Potential of the Easternmost Part of the Eastern Venezuelan Foreland Basin
Karilys Castillo and Paul Mann

Chapter 19: A Review of the Tectonic Evolution and Sedimentary Fill of the Southern Basin, Trinidad, Middle Cretaceous to Pleistocene
Ariana Osman, Xavier Moonan, Ryan Ramsook, and Ron J. Steel

Chapter 20: Tectono–Stratigraphic Evolution of the Western Barbados Accretionary Prism and the Eastern Tobago Basin: Implications for Petroleum Systems
Andres Cedaño, Mudussar Ahmed, Alejandro Escalona, and Peter Abrahamson

Chapter 21: Diffuse Deformation Processes at the Southeastern Boundary of the Caribbean Plate
C. Padron, E. Deville, P. Huyghe, S. Lallemant, and J. F. Lebrun

Chapter 22: Cunapo Conglomerate, Trinidad: Neogene Syncontractile or Syntranspressional Tectonic Marker Unit—Field and Petrographic Study
Reece P. Elling, John Weber, and Philip Farfan

Chapter 23: Crustal Structure and Geologic History of the Espino Rift, Venezuela, Based on Potential Fields, Seismic Reflection, and Well Data
Lourdes Rodriguez, Paul Mann, and Stuart Hall

Chapter 24: Source Rocks in the Guyana Basin: Insights from Geochemical Investigation of 15 Heavy Oils from Onshore Suriname
Andres Cedaño, Sverre Ohm, Alejandro Escalona, Eshita Narain, and Jan de Jager