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M20: The Black Sea--Geology, Chemistry, and Biology

Edited by Egon T. Degens and David A. Ross

Title Page


Bathymetry and Microtopography of Black Sea: Structure
David A. Ross, Elazar Uchupi, Kenneth E. Prada, Joseph C. MacIlvaine

Shallow Structure of Black Sea: Structure
David A. Ross, Elazar Uchupi, C. O. Bowin

Deep Structure of Black Sea Basin: Structure
Yu. P. Neprochnov, A. F. Neprochnova, Ye. G. Mirlin

Environmental and Geophysical Interpretation of Heat-Flow Measurements in Black Sea: Structure
Albert Erickson, Gene Simmons

Geologic Relations Between Black Sea and Anatolia: Structure
R. Brinkmann

Geology of Western Caucasus: Structure
A. L. Tsagareli

Black Sea Studies in Bulgaria--a Brief Survey: Structure
Vassil T. Vuchev

The Bosporus: Water
Charles G. Gunnerson, Erdogan Ozturgut

Role of the Bosporus in Black Sea Chemistry and Sedimentation: Water
R. Scholten

Expedition "Odysseus 65": Radiocarbon Age of Black Sea Deep Water: Water
H. Gote Ostlund

Evolution of Anoxic Conditions in Black Sea During Holocene: Water
W. G. Deuser

Distribution of Some Trace Elements in Black Sea and Their Flux Between Dissolved and Particulate Phases: Water
P. G. Brewer, D. W. Spencer

Phosphorus in Black Sea: Water
Stig H. Fonselius

Relation Between Chlorinity and Conductometric Salinity in Black Sea Water: Water
Klaus Kremling

Interstitial Waters of Black Sea Sediments: New Data and Review: Water
F. T. Manheim, K. M. Chan

Recent Sediments of Black Sea: Sediments
David A. Ross, Egon T. Degens

Mineralogy and Petrology of Black Sea Basin Sediments: Sediments
German Muller, Peter Stoffers

Modern Sedimentation in Black Sea: Sediments
K. M. Shimkus, E. S. Trimonis

Some Characteristics of Carbonate Sedimentation in Black Sea: Sediments
E. S. Trimonis

Cellular Processes in Black Sea Sediments
Egon T. Degens

Black Sea Shelf and Littoral Zone: Sediments
I. M. Buachidze

Graded Bedding in Recent Black Sea Turbidites: A Textural Approach: Sediments
Dan C. Jipa

Mass Physical Properties of Some Western Black Sea Sediments: Sediments
George H. Keller

Bottom Photographs of Black Sea
Allyn C. Vine

Molluscan Shells in Deep-Water Sediments of Black Sea: Biology
L. A. Nevesskaya

Coccoliths as Paleosalinity Indicators--Evidence from Black Sea: Biology
David Bukry

Dinoflagellates in Late Quaternary Deep-Water Sediments of Black Sea: Biology
David Wall, Barrie Dale

Palynologic Investigation of Two Black Sea Cores: Biology
Alfred Traverse

Diatoms in Pleistocene Deep Black Sea Sediments: Biology
Nancy G. Maynard

Palynoplanktologic Analysis of Some Black Sea Cores: Biology
Stefana Roman

Distribution Pattern of Benthonic Foraminifera on Continental Shelf of Black Sea off Rumanian Shore: Biology
Musat Gheorghian

Microbial Sulfur Cycle in Black Sea: Biology
Holger W. Jannasch, Hans G. Truper, John H. Tuttle

Chlorophyll-Degradation Products in Sediments of Black Sea: Biology
Carl J. Lorenzen

Geochemistry of Sediments from Eleven Black Sea Cores: Geochemistry
D. M. Hirst

Influence of Organic Material and Processes of Sulfide Formation on Distribution of Some Trace Elements in Deep-Water Sediments of Black Sea
I. I. Volkov, L. S. Fomina

Organic Analyses of Black Sea Cores: Geochemistry
Bernd R. Simoneit

Hydrocarbon Geochemistry of Black Sea: Geochemistry
John M. Hunt

Fatty Acids, Chlorins, Hydrocarbons, Sterols, and Carotenoids from a Black Sea Core: Geochemistry
Eric Peake, Daniel J. Casagrande, Gordon W. Hodgson

Iron Sulfides in Pleistocene Deep Black Sea Sediments and Their Paleo-Oceanographic Significance: Geochemistry
Robert A. Berner

Forms of Iron in Surface Layer of Black Sea Sediments: Geochemistry
A. G. Rozanov, I. I. Volkov, T. A. Yagodinskaya

Behavior of Molybdenum in Processes of Sediment Formation and Diagenesis in Black Sea: Geochemistry
M. F. Pilipchuk , I. I. Volkov

Isotopic and Elemental Geochemistry of Black Sea Sediments: Geochemistry
John A. Cooper , E. Julius Dasch , Maureen Kaye

Isotope Composition of Strontium in Carbonate Phase of Two Cores from Black Sea: Geochemistry
Jeffrey M. Cox, Gunter Faure

Uranium Geochemistry in Black Sea: Geochemistry
Elizabeth Rona, Oiva Joensu

Summary of Black Sea Investigations: Summary
K. O. Emery, J. M. Hunt