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M24: North American Oil and Gas Fields

Edited by Jules Braunstein

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Middle Ground Shoal Oil Field, Alaska
R. F. Boss, R. B. Lennon, and B. W. Wilson

Permo-Triassic Reservoirs of Prudhoe Bay Field, North Slope, Alaska
H. P. Jones , R. G. Speers

Taglu Gas Field, Beaufort Basin, Northwest Territories
T. J. Hawkings, W. G. Hatlelid, J. N. Bowerman, R. C. Coffman

Regional Setting of Taglu Field
T. J. Hawkings, W. G. Hatlelid

Geology of Taglu Field
J. N. Bowerman, R. C. Coffman

Mitsue Oil Field, Alberta--A Rich Stratigraphic Trap
Hal H. Christie

Kaybob Oil Field, Alberta, Canada
N. H. Schultheis

Big Piney-La Barge Producing Complex, Sublette and Lincoln Counties, Wyoming
Robert E. McDonald

Altamont-Bluebell--A Major, Naturally Fractured Stratigraphic Trap, Uinta Basin, Utah
Peter T. Lucas, James M. Drexler

Wattenberg Field, Denver Basin, Colorado
R. A. Matuszczak

Big Wells Field, Dimmit and Zavala Counties, Texas
R. L. Layden

Geology of Fairway Field, East Texas
Robert T. Terriere

Upper Smackover Reservoirs, Walker Creek Field Area, Lafayette and Columbia Counties, Arkansas
Calvin A. Chimene

East Cameron Block 270, Offshore Louisiana: A Pleistocene Field
D. S. Holland, Clarke E. Sutley, R. E. Berlitz, J. A. Gilreath

Grand Isle Block 16 Field, Offshore Louisiana
Richard J. Steiner

Tinsley Oil Field, Yazoo County, Mississippi
M. F. Shelton Jr.

Citronelle Oil Field, Mobile County, Alabama
Everett Eaves

Jay Field, Florida--A Jurassic Stratigraphic Trap
R. D. Ottmann, P. L. Keyes, M. A. Ziegler

Sunoco-Felda Field, Hendry and Collier Counties, Florida
A. N. Tyler, W. L. Erwin