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M32: The Deliberate Search for the Subtle Trap

Edited by Michel T. Halbouty

Front Matter

The Time is Now for All Explorationists to Purposefully Search for the Subtle Trap
Michel T. Halbouty

Geophysical Characterization of Lithology--Application to Subtle Traps
Carl H. Savit, Changsheng Wu

Structural and Stratigraphic Uses of Dip Profiles in Petroleum Exploration
C. A. Bengtson

Use of Horizontal Seismic Sections to Identify Subtle Traps
Alistair R. Brown, Robert J. Graebner, C. G. Dahm

Seismic Detection and Evaluation of Delta and Turbidite Sequences: Their Application to the Exploration for the Subtle Trap
O. R. Berg

Petroleum in Unconformity Traps: From Kerogen in Truncated Permeable Wedges?
John E. Sanders

Identification of Subtle Porosity and Traps Within Frisco Formation, Canadian County, Oklahoma: A Geologic, Seismic-Waveform Approach
William A. Morgan, Richard E. Schneider, Jeffrey H. Copley

Devillier Field, Chambers County, Texas--Effects of Growth Faults and Deltaic Sedimentation on Hydrocarbon Accumulation in a Stratigraphic Trap
Patrick T. Gordon

Subtle Stratigraphic Traps in Paleozoic Rocks of Paradox Basin
D. L. Baars, G. M. Stevenson

Gravity Exploration for Petroleum in Railroad Valley, Nevada--Search for the Subtle Trap
Douglas J. Guion, William C. Pearson

Seismic Stratigraphic Interpretation of the Fort Union Formation, Western Wind River Basin: Example of Subtle Trap Exploration in a Nonmarine Sequence
R. Randy Ray

Geology of the Hibernia Discovery
K. R. Arthur, D. R. Cole, G. G. L. Henderson, D. W. Kushnir

Stratigraphic Traps in Paleocene Sands in the Balder Area, North Sea
J. F. Sarg, L. J. Skjold

The 34/10 Delta Prospect of the Norwegian North Sea: Exploration Study of an Unconformity Trap
O. Skarpnes, E. Briseid, D. I. Milton

Interpretation of 3-D Data in Delineating a Subunconformity Trap in Block 34/10, Norwegian North Sea
G. T. Saeland, G. S. Simpson

Casablanca Field Offshore Spain, a Paleogeomorphic Trap
Hilrey J. Watson

Stratigraphic and Unconformity Traps in the Niger Delta
J. M. Orife, A. A. Avbovbo

Appraisal and Development of a Structural and Stratigraphic Trap Oil Field with Reservoirs in Glacial to Periglacial Clastics
Baudoin F. de la Grandville

Oil Basins and Subtle Traps in the Eastern Part of China
Ma Li, Ge Taisheng, Zhao Xueping, Zie Taijun, Ge Rong, Dang Zhenrong

Buried-Hill Oil and Gas Pools in the North China Basin
Zhai Guangming, Zha Quanheng

Fortescue Field--An Unconformity Trap in the Gippsland Basin, Australia
R. C. N. Thornton, B. J. Burns, A. K. Khurana, A. J. Rigg