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M61: Basin Compartments and Seals

Edited by Peter J. Ortoleva


Chapter 1: Pressure Compartments in Sedimentary Basins: A Review
John S. Bradley and David E. Powley

Chapter 2: Summary of Published Literature on Anomalous Pressures: Implications for the Study of Pressure Compartments
Randi S. Martinsen

Chapter 3: Basin Compartmentation: Definitions and Mechanisms
Peter J. Ortoleva

Chapter 4: Megacompartment Complex in the Anadarko Basin: A Completely Sealed Overpressured Phenomenon
Zuhair Al-Shaieb, James O. Puckette, Azhari A. Abdalla, and Patrick B. Ely

Chapter 5: Three Levels of Compartmentation within the Overpressured Interval of the Anadarko Basin
Zuhair Al-Shaieb, James O. Puckette, Azhari A. Abdalla, and Patrick B. Ely

Chapter 6: Deep Pressure Seal in the Lower Tuscaloosa Formation, Louisiana Gulf Coast
Suzanne D. Weedman, Albert L. Guber, and Terry Engelder

Chapter 7: Pressure Seals--Interactions with Organic Matter, Experimental Observations, and Relation to a "Hydrocarbon Plugging" Hypothesis for Pressure Seal Formation
Jean K. Whelan, Lorraine Buxton, and Lawrence M. Cathles III

Chapter 8: The Characteristics of Geopressure Profiles in the Gulf of Mexico Basin
John T. Leftwich, Jr. and Terry Engelder

Chapter 9: Seismic Amplitude Versus Offset (AVO) Character of Geopressured Transition Zones
John N. Louie and Abu M. Asad

Chapter 10: Pore Fluid Chemistry of a Pressure Seal Zone, Moore-Sams-Morganza Gas Field, Tuscaloosa Trend, Louisiana
Thomas P. Ross, Arthur W. Rose, and Simon R. Poulson

Chapter 11: Anomalous Pressures in the Deep Michigan Basin
Jean M. Bahr, Gerilynn R. Moline, and Gregory C. Nadon

Chapter 12: Thermal History of the Michigan Basin from Apatite Fission-Track Analysis and Vitrinite Reflectance
Herbert F. Wang, Kevin D. Crowley, and Gregory C. Nadon

Chapter 13: Diagenesis, Diagenetic Banding, and Porosity Evolution of the Middle Ordovician St. Peter Sandstone and Glenwood Formation in the Michigan Basin
Peter A. Drzewiecki, J. Antonio Simo, P. E. Brown, E. Castrogiovanni, Gragory C. Nadon, Lisa D. Shepherd, J. W. Valley, M. R. Vandrey, B. L. Winter, and D. A. Barnes

Chapter 14: Permeability and Porosity Estimation by Electrofacies Determination
Gerilynn R. Moline, Jean M. Bahr, and Peter A. Drzewiecki

Chapter 15: The Regional Pressure Regime in Cretaceous Sandstones and Shales in the Powder River Basin
Ronald C. Surdam, Zun Sheng Jiao, and Randi S. Martinsen

Chapter 16: Pressure Compartments in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming and Montana, as Determined from Drill-Stem Test Data
H. P. Heasler, Ronald C. Surdam, and J. H. George

Chapter 17: Geostatistical Methods for the Study of Pressure Compartments: A Case Study in the Hilight Oil Field, Powder River Basin, Wyoming
X. Chen, H. P. Heasler, and L. Borgman

Chapter 18: Stratigraphic Compartmentation of Reservoir Sandstones: Examples from the Muddy Sandstone, Powder River Basin, Wyoming
Randi S. Martinsen

Chapter 19: Stratigraphic/Diagenetic Pressure Seals in the Muddy Sandstone, Powder River Basin, Wyoming
Zung Sheng Jiao and Ronald C. Surdam

Chapter 20: Pressure Seal Permeability and Two-Phase Flow
W. P. Iverson, Randi S. Martinsen, and Ronald C. Surdam

Chapter 21: Formation Water Chemistry of the Muddy Sandstone and Organic Geochemistry of the Mowry Shale, Powder River Basin, Wyoming: Evidence for Mechanism of Pressure Compartment Formation
D. B. MacGowan, Zun Sheng Jiao, Ronald C. Surdam, and F. P. Miknis

Chapter 22: A Sonic Log Study of Abnormally Pressured Zones in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming
Debra Maucione, Vladimir Serebryakov, Paul Valasek, Yue Wang, and Scott Smithson

Chapter 23: The Banded Character of Pressure Seals
Zuhair Al-Shaieb, James O. Puckette, Azhari A. Abdalla, Vanessa Tigert, and Peter J. Ortoleva

Chapter 24: Silica Budget for a Diagenetic Seal
Lisa D. Shepherd, Peter A. Drzewiecki, Jean M. Bahr, and J. Antonio Simo

Chapter 25: Banded Diagenetic Pressure Seals: Types, Mechanisms, and Homogenized Basin Dynamics
C. Qin and Peter J. Ortoleva

Chapter 26: Numerical Simulations of Overpressured Compartments in Sedimentary Basins
E. Sonnenthal and Peter J. Ortoleva

Chapter 27: Role of Pressure-Sensitive Reactions in Seal Formation and Healing: Application of the CIRF.A Reaction-Transport Code
Y. Chen, W. Chen, A. Park, and Peter J. Ortoleva

Chapter 28: Simulating the Development of a Three-Dimensional Basinwide Overpressured Compartment
M. Maxwell and Peter J. Ortoleva

Chapter 29: Comparative Hydrodynamic and Thermal Characteristics of Sedimentary Basins and Geothermal Systems in Sediment-Filled Rift Valleys
Wolfgang Polster and H. L. Barnes

Chapter 30: The Mechanical Properties of Rock through an Ancient Transition Zone in the Appalachian Basin
Irene Meglis and Terry Engelder